What we're known for.

we're a big bakery with a small bakery mentality 

So you've probably heard the hype, we're pretty amazing at what we do. Looking for a wedding cake or a box of pastries for your office, stop down and make your friends and family very happy with scrumptious Italian baked goods. 

Word on the street 


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Gingerbread men and women

We're always uploading new images of our decadent creations as well as fun staff photos. You can also see a little bit more of the store here.

Stay awhile.

relax with a  hot drink and some biscotti 

 If you're interested in the basics, plain and simple; coffee, cappuccino and espresso.  We have tables, chairs and an almost endless glass case full of baked Italian goods that are waiting to be shared with you and your family. 

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